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We are a platform dedicated to highlighting and sharing empowering, historical knowledge.

We share Black History Stories of those who made history and those – who in their own way – are making history now.

We are committed to keeping alive the legacies of trailblazers that came before us and also to promoting a new Generation of Greatness.

We are here to address under-representation by supporting and encouraging young people’s creativity and professional aspirations. Our purpose is to ensure that every young person has the chance to realise their talent and fulfil their potential through education, skills and workplace opportunities.

“Until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.”

Chinua Achebe Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, 'father of modern African literature'

Reboot the Archives

We think it’s important to give a platform to the history which has shaped our lives and our futures. We hope you do too.

We want to Reboot the Archives. Dust off them off and throw them open to all. There’s valuable treasure in there that should never be hidden away.

Making History

We showcase the inspirational stories of those who are making a positive mark in the world.

Bridge of Voices

Bridge of Voices is dedicated to promoting the Performing Arts by encouraging fresh, new talent and respecting the pioneers who laid the foundations for all of us to build on.

Nick Awde, founder of Bridge of Voices is the international editor of The Stage newspaper, director of the UK Centre of the International Theatre Institute (UNESCO) and director of the upcoming Other National Theatre.

Bridge of Voices is supported by the International Theatre Institute.


We highlight the best of Black History Month

“If you don't like someone's story, write your own.”

Chinua Achebe

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