Uncover the roots of the Bristol Slavery Trail

Bristol: a city of grand Georgian Houses, impressive neo-Gothic structures, prestigious educational institutions and heritage theatres. But look closer and these celebrated architectural legacies and institutions were built on the wealth that came from the Transatlantic slave trade, owing their existence to slave produced sugar, tobacco, plantations and the trade of human cargo.

Rather than focussing on the individuals involved, this trail, led by Caine Tayo Lewin Turner takes an integrative approach, which looks at the ripple effects of slavery and what the profits of the trade made possible.

‘The tour visits many of the city’s revered architectural feats, including the Wills Memorial Building, Bristol Old Vic, NatWest (Old Bank) and the Merchant Ventures Building, revealing their insidious roots. Here, an honest look at the architectural legacy of the Transatlantic slave trade shows how the scars of the slave trade live on in full public view in the city today.’

Bristol Slavery Trail – 13 October – 4 September 2018 – Meet at Will Memorial Building.

We don’t want people to be unable to attend this trail due to lack of funds, please email bristolsu-events@bristol.ac.uk if you are on a low income for a free ticket.

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